5 Health Benefits of Therapeutic Massage: Do Massage Chairs Measure Up?

The Health Benefits of Therapeutic Massage: Do Massage Chairs Measure Up?

The health benefits of therapeutic massage are largely undisputed and have been for decades. Health specialists have achieved near-consensus on the powerful effects massage has for health and well-being. These benefits include reduced anxiety, treatment for digestive disorders, headaches, insomnia related to stress, soft tissue strains or injuries and joint pain. Like traditional therapeutic massage, chair massage has amazing potential for relief and rejuvenation while promising less hassle. Massage chairs deliver health benefits from the comfort of your own home, at a fraction of the cost of traditional massage services.

Research suggests that chair massage can produce these 5 health effects:

  • Improved Circulation
  • Our circulatory system relies on blood to carry oxygen and nutrients to cells and organs and to remove toxins. When muscles become tense over time, they can constrict blood flow. Full-body chair massage can correct blood flow by easing tense muscles from head to toe. Using air compression technology and vibration, massage chairs can enhance blood circulation and in turn, boost the metabolism and reduce swelling in the lower body as large air bags compress and decompress around the body to massage skin and muscles.

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    1. Spinal Alignment

    Using zero gravity technology, top of the market massage chairs place you at the most ergonomically-correct position described by NASA, reclining at an angle of 128 ±7 °, where gravitational stress is relieved. The somatological design of zero gravity massage lift you to a position where the back, buttocks and legs experience the physical sensation of weightlessness which decompresses the neck and spine and soothes muscle tension. By supporting the back in a zero gravity position, major nerves running through the vertebrae to the hands, feet, fingers and toes are freed from the pressure of a misaligned spinal column. This relaxing position allows nerve impulses to travel easily through the spine to the extremities and lengthens the vertebrae so it can assume its natural alignment.

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    1. Relieve Back Pain

    Lower back pain and muscles spasms are often the result of poor circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids. Massage chairs soothe muscle tension to increase circulation and reduce joint and muscle pain. The American College of Physicians and American Pain Society both recommend massage as a way to alleviate chronic pain. Today, massage chairs are built with technology sophisticated enough to mimic the techniques of of traditional massage therapists from the comfort of your own home. Chairs come equipped with complex and precise massage programs such as shiatsu, kneading, knocking, tapping, and rolling. Office workers who experience back pain after sitting for extended periods of time can benefit from the relief of massage as well as built-in heat-therapy, common to the design of many top of the market massage chairs.

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    1. Boost Energy and Improve Emotional Health

    The European Journal of Internal Medicine recently published clinical studies which suggests that the effects of massage include improved quality of sleep and reduced anxiety and fatigue. This is not surprising as researchers from Dalhousie University saw the results of reduced anxiety from chair massage for patients recovering from substance use. Massage relieves tensions in the body and the mind and as we know, stress affects not only mental wellbeing but also has physiological consequences as well. The massage chair can act as a tool to alleviate physical tension and restore mental clarity. Stress is the number one factor in causing cardiovascular diseases and fatigue and plays an important role in depression and anxiety. Addressing stress head-on by allowing yourself to consistently relax and experience soothing rejuvenation will help you improve your sleep cycles and increase productivity at work or in school.

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    1. Improve Your Posture!

    In the digital age, it is not uncommon for our posture to suffer as we spend more time staring at screens and less time moving our bodies. Posture is important and correcting your posture while you’re young will ensure healthy habits for the future. Massage will mobilize stiff muscles, adjust spinal alignment and bring your posture back to equilibrium in a way that feels comfortable and natural. By addressing tensions stored in the muscles, massage techniques loosen the tendency to adopt rigid, asymmetrical postures that have been developed habitually overtime. Proper posture does not only make the body appear leaner, more alert and attractive, but it also signals attention of the mind and communicates confidence.

    It is not surprising that massage emerges as a solution to a series of interconnected health issues and can improve health both mentally and physically! From anxiety to circulation, the therapeutic massage will naturally improve well being by alleviating stress and promoting full body relaxation. Try it for yourself,, come in to a Youneed show room or visit us online to find the massage chair that fits you!