Dynamic, Personalized Zero G Heated Massage Chair -Youneed Ola YN-B8

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If you’re looking for an intense restorative massage, look no further. The Ola combines deep, active rollers with zero gravity positioning, placing your back in direct contact with the chair’s backrest to deliver the ultimate massage chair experience. Equipped with 6 varied, vigorous automatic massage programs, the Ola can wake up your muscles in the morning, prepare them for relaxation and sleep or restore them after a hard day of work. Manual options give you the power to personalize your massage and use the 6 manual techniques at your leisure, depending on the type of therapeutic massage you desire. For complete head-to-toe renewal, the Ola has you covered!

  • S-track design
  • Body scan technology
  • Zero gravity positioning
  • Intense foot rollers
  • Back stretch mode: located, part, whole
  • 6 automatic modes
  • Fixed, partial massage
  • 6 manual techniques
  • Heating function
  • LCD display



      Using an S-shape massage track, designed to naturally travel along the curvature of your back, the Ola massages you from the head to tail bone! The S-track gives you total body relaxation at the click of a button! You won’t believe how amazing this newly designed S-track is until you experience its restorative power for yourself!


      Zero gravity positioning remains available for all manual and automatic programs and is designed to alleviate all gravitational stress by placing you in what NASA describes as the most ergonomically-correct position for human beings. This somatological design makes sure your entire back is in direct contact with the rollers in the backrest of the chair to ensure you experience the full force of the massage routine. Experience the sensation of weightlessness as the Ola takes pressure off the spine and ribcage to accommodate optimal relaxation. By elevating your feet slightly above your heart, zero gravity is perfect for improving your circulation, raising blood oxygen levels and reducing swelling. The subtle difference of zero gravity positioning from regular reclining positions naturally provides therapeutic and restorative benefits.


      The Ola is a customer favourite mainly for the 6 automatic programs it offers. Choose among Relaxation, Thai, Chinese, Morning, Night and Auto Air programs for a diverse range of therapeutic possibilities. Each program integrates kneading, knocking, combo, tapping and rolling massage techniques to bring about a specific effect. Users may enjoy the the ‘morning’ program to activate tight muscles before the day begins and finish the day with the ‘night’ program to restore tired muscles and relax tense shoulders, arms and feet. Thai massage incorporates intense kneading massage with stretching motions to lengthen the spine and reinvigorate muscles along the back. These 6 creative programs offer a multitude of possibilities for renewal, refreshment and relief.


      In manual mode, users may choose the method of massage as well as the body part for the roller massage to address. The Ola offers the option of massage for the whole or part of the back. By selecting the ‘part’ option, users can manually alter the position of the rollers to more accurately work on tension located in a particular area or zone of soreness in the back. This feature gives users the opportunity to customize the massage as tensions change from day to day. Choosing whole or part massage will guarantee a personalized massage experience at the touch of a button!


      Take your massage experience to the next level by adjusting the time, width of rollers, intensity of foot rollers, area of massage, airbag pressure along the back and reclining position of the chair. Discover what works for you by testing out the kneading, tapping, rolling, combo, and knocking massage techniques in at various speeds in varied locations along the body. The manual options allow you to directly control the style and intensity of your massage and alter setting as your therapeutic needs change from day to day!


      After hours spent in the rain or in a cold office space, allow the Ola to warm you up with a heated massage. By the simple touch of a button, lay back in the soft cushions of the chair and allow the Ola’s heating function to improve your circulation, bring you to an optimal body temperature and promote amazing relaxation.  


      Do you have sore feet? Do you spend most of the day walking and standing? Give your feet the therapeutic attention they deserve with a powerful foot massage. The Ola comes equipped with intense foot rollers that operate to soothe sore feet and activate the soles with a detailed and dynamic foot massage.


      The Ola’s LCD display is easy to use and intuitively designed to display the exact location of the rollers and type of massage being employed in real time. The remote’s LCD screen makes it easy to follow the massage visually and understand what techniques are being used on which parts of the body. This display makes it simple for you to adjust the speed, airbag strength, roller width and strength as well as the massage technique being applied. Remote buttons are organized to deliver the most straightforward programming experience and are designed so that they are easy to learn and understand completely.

      YN-B8 Ola
      Intensity Level 6/10
      Automatic Programs 4
      Manual Massage Modes 3
      Manual Massage Techniques Kneading, tapping, dual
      Targeted Massage Whole, partial, spot
      Roller Width Wide, medium, narrow
      Massage Speed 3 levels
      Lower Body Massage Air compression + foot roller
      Air Compression Massage Shoulder, arm, calf, foot
      Air Compression Level 3 levels
      Stretch Mode Yes
      Languages English
      Bluetooth Connection No
      Massage Track Type S-Track
      Body Detection Yes
      Zero-Gravity Recline Yes
      Legrest Extension Manual
      Calf Kneading No
      Foot Rollers Yes
      Heating Back
      Upright Dimensions 1500L x 780W x 1200H mm
      Reclined Dimensions 1750L x 780W x 960H mm
      Product Weight 200 lbs.
      Voltage 110V, 50/60 Hz
      Power Consumption 120W
      Shipping 1 Box


      3 Year Platinum Warranty:
      3 Year on Mechanical Parts & 3 Year on Metal Structural Framework


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