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The Laurel delivers invigorating energy and release with its exceptional comfort and inspired design. This chair is uniquely equipped to fit the curvature of your spine from head to thighs, with its L-track design. With 89 luxurious extra large oversize multi-stage airbags the Laurel delivers full body air compression massage. Shoulder airbags cocoon you in an adjustable shoulder massage as arm airbags massage fingers, hands and the entire arms! The Laurel operates using a 3D body scan, determining your upper and lower torso dimensions to deliver a personalized massage experience. Complete with heat options for the back, buttocks, calf and ankle, plus rollers for the soles of your feet, and true zero gravity positioning, this chair will transform the way you feel in only a few minutes. The Laurel features Bluetooth connective technology and built-in stereo speakers to deliver a highest standard in luxurious massage, rejuvenation and comfort.

  • L-track full body design
  • Rocking chair feature
  • Zero-gravity positioning
  • U shape head pillow - temple massage
  • Foot rollers
  • Body detection and manual leg rest extension
  • Bluetooth module
  • LCD remote
  • 5 Automatic massage programs


The Laurel is a classic L-style massage chair which integrates natural curvature of the spine with a massage track that travels from the head to below the lower back, hips and butt and under the thighs. This track follows the contours of the spine with precision. The L-track combines the best of deep tissue and soft Swedish massage to attend to detailed and persistent tensions in the full body. This design enables the Laurel to cover 55% more body area than ever before and delivers an experience unknown to users of earlier models. Unlike conventional “S” curved massage chairs, the Laurel does not create the sensation of being beat up or uncomfortable after use for extended periods of time. The L-track design manipulates the back with natural motion that simulates the hands of a massage therapist employing five different style strokes along the neck and head. The Laurel is a favourite because of the level of comfort it consistently delivers, without over-massaging, the sense of total body relaxation and intuitive programming.


In addition to its L-track design, massaging back and forth from the neck to hip, the Laurel comes equipped with one touch zero gravity position, a resting position described by NASA as the most ergonomically-correct position, reclining at an angle of 128 ±7 ° where gravitational stress is relieved, allowing the body to achieve maximal relaxation. Zero gravity massage chairs take the pressure off the spine and ribcage, placing the back in full contact with the chair’s backrest to allow the full force of the chair’s massage routine to take effect. By elevating the feet above the heart, the benefits of lying at zero-gravity include improved circulation and reduced swelling in the lower body. This accommodates a complete release of pressure of the shoulder, neck or spine in order to bring unique multi-sensory relaxation to the user.


Mimicking the rocking chair, the Laurel gently moves back and forth to produce a consistent motion that creates the sensation of rocking that often gives rise to that pleasant feeling of slowly dozing off. Unlike most massage chairs on the market, the Laurel combines rocking chair motion with zero gravity positioning to ensure the most natural and relaxing massage experience possible.


The Laurel’s 5 automatic programs allow you to choose between a Chinese massage, focused on stretching, a Hong-Kong style massage, mild and suitable for after consuming a meal, an American massage, promoting sleep, a deep tissue Thai style massage or an upper/lower body massage. Potentials for customization are endless as the user can control the massage techniques, body parts, roller width, speed, intensity of airbags, heating and foot rollers to create a personalized relaxation experience.


The U shape head pillow is designed to accurately address stress with shiatsu massage for the temples.


Foot rollers mimic a Thai Guasha massage, relieving foot/sole fatigue. Foot massage can bring hydration and energy to the feet and soothe the soles after a long day’s work. Users may choose the location of the air compression massage, choosing to focus the pressure on the back, waist, hips or calves. Not only this, but the user may directly control the heating function of the massage chair.


Manual leg rest mechanisms adjust to the height and length of the user’s legs to deliver a customized massage experience.


Full air pressure arm massagers correspond to 18 groups of built-in acupuncture points in order to improve blood circulation. Air pressure massage is a new treatment modality which uses large air bags to compress and decompress around the body, massaging the skin and muscle and enhancing blood circulation. Combined with zero gravity positioning, air pressure massage can improve the circulation of blood to the extent that the user’s metabolism is boosted and swelling in the lower body is reduced.


In manual mode, users may choose the method of massage as well as the body part for the roller massage to address. The Laurel offers 3 options: full, partial or point. Partial and point massage allow the user to manually adjust rollers to work on tension located in a specific area of the back, giving more opportunity for personalized relief at the touch of a button!


The Laurel is unmatched for its aesthetics, presenting an impressive, smooth and modern exterior that will lighten up any room it is placed in! With long lasting synthetic leather, available in expressive gold and sophisticated black, the Laurel will wow you and your guests as its polished exterior appearance matches the luxury of its massage capability.


The Laurel features useful technological accessories. Bluetooth module enables users to connect smart devices to the massage chair so users can directly operate the massage chair and play music via smart device.


The LCD hand controller features a menu intended to streamline your interaction with the system and intuitively navigate the system. The easy to use LCD remote display presents the time, the location of rollers or massage area, the massage technique being utilized, and airbag strength to the user. All of these settings are manually adjustable by simply selecting preferences on the screen, allowing you to personalize your massage by adjusting the back, leg and shoulder position and choosing the width, heat, vibration, speed, roller position and time of the massage.



A-201 Lohas
Intensity Level 8/10
Automatic Features 4
Manual Massage Modes 3
Manual Massage Techniques Shiatsu, tapping, knocking, kneading
Targeted Massage Whole, partial, fixed spot
Roller Width Wide, medium, narrow
Massage Speed 3 levels
Lower Body Massage Calf & foot
Air Compression Massage Shoulder, waist, arm, calf, foot
Air Compression Level 3 levels
Stretch Mode No
Languages Chinese
Bluetooth Connection No
Massage Track Length 44"
Massage Track Type SL-Track
Body Detection Yes
Zero-Gravity Recline Yes
Legrest Extension Manual
Calf Kneading Yes
Foot Rollers Yes
Heating Back
Upright Dimensions 48"L x 28"W x 47"H
Reclined Dimensions 64"L x 28"W x 43"H
Product Weight 300lbs.
Voltage 120V - 60Hz
Power Consumption 230W
Shipping 1 Box


3 Year Platinum Warranty:
3 Year on Mechanical Parts & 3 Year on Metal Structural Framework

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