Humanlike 3D L Track Massage Chair- Youneed Reve II YN-6910S

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The most luxurious massage experience ever!
Bring your own masseuse home today!
New 3D rollers pressing into back muscles and relieve fatigue

The REVE II YN-6910S is one of a kind in terms of complete comfort and luxury. The chair offers all the benefits of therapeutic massage by integrating a rocking chair motion, zero gravity positioning, body scan technology and 3D massage into 5 restorative automatic massage programs. The Reve II naturally addresses tensions throughout the entire body by targeting the arms, neck, back, glutes, calves and feet in relaxing synchrony to alleviate soreness and fatigue by invigorating muscles.  

    • L-shape track
    • 3D massage
    • Zero gravity positioning
    • Body scan technology
    • Full body air compression: shoulder, arm, calf, waist, hip, foot.
    • Foot rollers scraping
    • Heating function
    • Rocking chair relaxation
    • Bluetooth connection
    • 6 automatic programs
    • Adjustable mode, part, width, speed, force
    • English and Chinese settings


The Reve II comes equipped with one touch zero gravity position, a resting position described by NASA as the most ergonomically-correct position for human beings, reclining at an angle of 128 ±7 ° where gravitational stress is relieved, allowing the body to achieve maximal relaxation. Zero gravity design takes pressure off the spine and ribcage, placing the back in full contact with the chair’s backrest to allow the full force of the chair’s massage routine to take effect. The somatological benefits of lying at zero-gravity include improved circulation, and reduced swelling in the lower body. Zero gravity positioning accommodates the complete release of pressure in the shoulders, neck or spine, bringing unique multi-sensory rejuvenation to the user.


The Reve II’s 3D massage rollers push outwards to a maximum of 8cm, creating a dynamic and engaging massage that loosens tight muscles in the shoulders and encourages release of stiffness or knots held within the back. Sit back and experience full body air compression massage along the shoulders, arms, calves, waist, hips and feet in consistent, fluid motion, mimicking human hand and providing 50% more intensity compared to other models on the market.


The Reve II massage chair uses body-detection scanning to develop a personalized, close-fitting massage, tailored to the contours of the user’s specific body type. The chair’s airbags conform around the arms, calves and shoulders to produce a secure, detailed and intuitive massage experience. Prior to beginning an automatic or manual massage program, the Reve II locates the contours of the user’s particular body shape and calibrates the massage in relation to them.


Mimicking a rocking chair, the Reve II gently moves back and forth to produce the consistent motion that creates a sensation of rocking that often gives rise to that pleasant feeling of slowly dozing off. This feature is unique to the Reve II and is beloved by those seeking a truly phenomenal relaxation experience.


Everyone loves Reve II's stretch program! The stretching function is also referred to as the “spinal decompression” program. With vigorous air cells pinning your body in place, the chair moves in a carefully calculated routine, and slowly stretches out the legs and ankles for an energizing experience.


Choose from 6 automatic programs, each designed to alleviate particular aches, discomfort or soreness. The Reve II’s ‘Recovery’ mode is designed to bring relief to tired muscles after a day of work or after dinner in order to recover vigor lost throughout the day. The ‘Extend’ mode specifically suits those who work on computers, sit in offices or in cars for extended periods of time. The Extend massage program works to stretch the body to rejuvenate muscles and release tension accumulated from a stagnant sitting position. The ‘Rest and Sleep’ mode is perfect for early morning or noon leisure and functions to regenerate muscle energy by completely relaxing the body. The ‘Refresh’ mode offers relief for pain in the neck, back and waist. By combining semi-auto mode adjustments, the Refresh mode can be directed to focus on a fixed point on the body to target soreness or pain. In addition, the Upper and Lower automatic modes give restorative attention to these areas of the body specifically.


With the manual option, users can adjust the mode of the massage by choosing between kneading, tapping, knocking, shiatsu, sync and rhythm massage. In addition, the massage can be manipulated to target the whole back, a partial area or a fixed point of the body. Selecting a part of the body for massage, allows the user to tailor the massage to address specific areas of tension with the fixed point option for a chosen amount of time. In addition, roller width can be adjusted from wide to narrow and the speed at which rollers operate can be chosen from six levels of massage speed.  


The Reve II comes in two sophisticated, modern colours: ruby red and classic black. Made with durable, premium synthetic leather, the Reve II is designed to have enduring quality and taste.


The Reve II’s Bluetooth module enables users to connect smart devices to the chair so users can operate the massage chair directly from their smart devices to play music, audiobooks or podcasts.


The easy to use LCD remote display presents the time, location of rollers or massage area, the technique being utilized, and massage strength to the user. All of these settings are manually adjustable by simply selecting preferences on the screen, allowing you to personalize your massage by choosing the width, heat, vibration, speed, roller position and time of the massage. Shoulder position adjustment, a zero gravity option and feet and back adjustments can be made with the click of a button!


YN-6910 Reve II
Intensity Level 9.5/10
Automatic Programs 6 auto programs + 3 3D auto programs
Manual Massage Selections 5
Massage Techniques Kneading, tapping, knocking, tapping, shiatsu, sync, rhythm
Targeted Massage Point, partial, whole back massage
Roller Width Wide, medium, narrow
Massage Speed 5 levels
Lower Body Massage Air compression + foot rollers
Air Compression Massage Shoulder, arm, waist, calf, foot
Air Compression Level 5 levels
Bluetooth Connection Yes
Massage Track Length 50"
Stretch Mode Yes
Zero-Gravity Recline Yes
Legrest Extension Manual
Calf Kneading No
Foot Rollers Yes
Body Detection Yes
Heating Back
Upright Dimensions 62"L x 32"W x 43"H
Reclined Dimensions 73"L x 32"W x 40"H
Product Weight 264 lbs.
Voltage 100 - 120V - 60 Hz
Power Consumption 260W
Shipping Three boxes


 3 Year Platinum Warranty:

3 Year on Mechanical Parts & 3 Year on Metal Structural Framework

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