L Track Full Air Zero G uKnead Artista UK-7000

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Favoured by those who know massage chairs, the Artista combines the most advanced massage chair robotics, L-track design and intuitive automatic programs to deliver a consistent massage experience like no others! This chair is equipped with body shape-sensing technology to locate the contours of each user’s body before kneading and tapping massage techniques delivering relief from head to toe. Nothing is left out in the Artista’s careful, comprehensive system. This chair’s revolutionary spinal decompression program extends the entire body with an intense stretching motion to slowly pull the legs downwards while calf kneading and shiatsu foot massage complete the total body experience of relaxation. There is a reason the Artista remains a customer favourite, why not experience it for yourself?

  • L-Track Design
  • Full body air massage
  • Zero gravity positioning
  • 4 automatic programs
  • 3 manual massage techniques
  • Kneading calf massage
  • Stretch program
  • Heating function
  • Intense roller massage for the sole
  • Fixed and partial massage
  • Body shape-sensing technology
  • Demo mode and quick massage


The Artista operates using a L-track design that naturally travels from head to the hips to reach under the thighs and massage the glutes. The L-track design sets the Artista apart from traditional massage chairs as the L-track goes beyond merely massaging the back to extend towards the entire seat of the chair, giving you full body relief. This total body roller track integrates three massage techniques as it works its way up and down your spine, tuned to calculated  rhythms. The L-track design affords 55% more body area coverage than conventional “S” curved massage chair tracks.


To help your body achieve maximal relaxation, the Artista places you in what NASA deems the most ergonomically-correct position for human beings. Zero gravity positioning reclines you at an angle of 128 ±7 ° where the entire back is placed in direct contact with the chair’s backrest to allow the full force of the chair’s massage routine to take effect. With this feature, the Artista can accommodate a full body relaxation experience to the fullest extent, promising a complete relaxation in the shoulders, neck or spine and multi-sensory rejuvenation for years to come!  


The Artista operates using an innovative body shape-sensing technology to better adapt to the contours of each individual user’s body before the massage begins. The chair initializes body detection technology and tailors the massage to specific details of the user’s shoulders, hips and calves to deliver a personalized massage program with precision and care. With the help of advanced massage robotics, the Artista will locate the shape of the back and hips to then synchronize the chair’s rollers and airbags in correspondence to the dimensions of your body. You will notice the incredible difference a massage chair equipped with body shape-sensing technology makes when it comes to eliminating tightness and knots without over-massaging or miscalculated roller location.


Experience 4 diverse automatic massages at the touch of a button! The Artista is beloved for its dynamic and restorative massage programs. These four programs use alternating massage techniques such as kneading and tapping, along with varying airbag intensities, chair positions and points of focus on the body. Each program integrates a calculated routine targeting the entire body, from the soles of the feet to the head. Find out which program is your favourite and experience it time and time again at the touch of a button!


Get ready to stretch! With its revolutionary spinal decompression program, the Artista will naturally extend the body to the extent that leg and back muscles. This feature uses vigorous air cells to pin your body in place so that the chair can move in a carefully calculated routine, stretching the body with a natural motion that guarantees a reinvigorating experience.


The lower leg calf muscles do so much for us everyday. Kneading massage works on knots within the calf muscles and allows full relaxation on the lower body. The Artista skillfully manipulates muscles in the calves with precise intensity and movement to help soothe tired legs.


This chair ensures you will receive the best of head to toe comfort! This feature is perfect for individuals who work on their feet or walk long distances throughout the day. With rollers strategically placed along the soles of the feet, the Artista employs dynamic, invigorating foot massage techniques to the feet. Rollers scrab the reflexology zones in the feet to provide a therapeutic foot massage at the touch of a button!


There is nothing quite like a warm, calming massage after a long, rainy day. Sit back in the Artista’s heated backrest and seat and feel the comforts of the chair’s heat function soothe you as a massage program releases all the day’s tiredness. Heat application will enhance the restorative process by loosening tense muscles and increasing natural relaxation exponentially.


The Artista makes it easy to pick and choose the massage style which suits your needs as they change everyday. Manual options allow users to select kneading, tapping or dual massage techniques, as well as control the part of the body being massaged. Area adjustment selection gives you the power to move the rollers toward the back, waist or seat. In addition, users may manually adjust the intensity, width of rollers speed, heat, position of the chair and time of the massage. These options enable a diverse and creative massage experience every time.


Unlike most massage chairs, the Artista is prized for its partial massage manual option. This feature gives users the freedom to focus the massage in a particular area of the body to address specific parts with acute attention. Full and partial massage options provide the possibility of a complete restorative massage or a focused massage, directed towards relief of a persisting knot held in the shoulders, neck or lower back.


Nothing compares to the Artista’s intuitively designed, simple-to-use LCD remote. The LCD screen displays a detailed image of the massage as it happens in real time, featuring speed, roller location, intensity and time displays. This remote will quickly become as familiar to you as the phone in your pocket, giving you total control to program that massage you desire in a few simple steps!


Intensity Level 7/10
Automatic Features 4
Manual Massage Modes 3
Manual Massage Techniques Kneading, tapping, dual
Targeted Massage Full, partial, part
Roller Width Wide, medium, narrow
Massage Speed 3 levels
Lower Body Massage Air compression + calf + foot
Air Compression Massage Shoulder, arm, calf, foot
Air Compression Level 3 levels
Stretch Mode Yes
Languages English
Bluetooth Connection No
Massage Track Length 48"
Massage Track Type L-Track
Body Detection Yes
Zero-Gravity Recline Yes
Legrest Extension Manual
Calf Kneading Yes
Foot Rollers Yes
Heating Back
Upright Dimensions 46"L x 32"W x 49"H
Reclined Dimensions 67"L x 32"W x 41"H
Product Weight 350lbs.
Voltage 110V - 60Hz
Power Consumption 230W
Shipping 1 Box


3 Year Platinum Warranty:
3 Year on Mechanical Parts & 3 Year on Metal Structural Framework

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