Youneed Simply Massage Chair Recliner YN-888A

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Elegant, effective and easy to use, the Youneed Simply YN-888A will deliver full body relaxation at the push of a button. Equipped with 8 intense rollers, seat and foot heating, calf and seat vibration and a comfortable recline to 175 degrees, the Youneed Simply guarantees the full massage experience from the comfort of your own home! 


  • Easy-to-use remote control

  • 2 Ultra long neck rollers

  • 4 Upper back rollers

  • 6 Lower back rollers

  • Heating function for seat and back

  • Adjustable speed of rollers

  • Counterclockwise and clockwise options for neck and back

  • Vibration enabled for seat and calves

  • Kneading massage technique

  • Recline to 175 degrees



Striking the perfect balance between comfort and intensity, the Youneed Simply uses a dynamic flow of fixed pressure and vibration. The option to have rollers turn clockwise or counterclockwise remains your choice throughout the massage. By simply turning the dial on the remote, rollers will increase or decrease in speed, at your leisure. 



The vibration on leg rest and seat cushion allows the body to fully relax. 



Enjoy the comfort of heat along both sides of the spine and in the seat of the Simply. In addition, relax into a full body massage, from neck to calves, with vibration enabled around the calf muscles and in the seat of the chair. Sit back at a recline of 175 and let the Simply energizes the body!



Nothing feels quite as wonderful as a warm massage after a cold, rainy day. The Simply incorporates heat in the back and seat of the chair to bring your massage to the next level, delivering the utmost quality in relaxation and luxury.

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