Attention Vancouver Cyclists: You Need a Massage!

Attention Vancouver Cyclists: You Need a Massage!

If you live in Vancouver the chances that you’ve been on a bicycle in the past six months are considerably high. Cycling is an essential part of the Pacific Northwest’s culture, it's built into our everyday lives. In May 2016, Vancouver was recorded to have the highest percentage rate of commuters biking to work in Canada. Commuting by bicycle now constitutes 10 percent of all trips, with 41 percent of trips being made by car. We are addicted to cycling and it shows! However, all that cycling has its pros and cons. Cyclists experience improved cardiovascular health and overall fitness but also deal with the sensation of sore and tired muscles almost daily.

It is no secret that professional athletes use massage to keep themselves performing at their best. Massage is used for muscle recovery to reduce pain and shorten post-exertion recovery time. Research now suggests that cyclists, especially those going on long rides through rough terrain, can benefit immensely from regular massage therapy. Not only does massage increase blood flow and promote muscle healing, it truly does shorten overall recovery time post-ride.

Experts suggests that cyclists should integrate massage into their health and fitness regime. It is recommended that cyclists get a massage 3-5 days prior to a particularly strenuous ride and another within 48 hours after the ride. Cyclists who integrate massage into their lifestyle may experience benefits like decreased pain, inflammation and recovery time, all of which will undoubtedly improve the cyclist's overall performance and expand their range of motion.

And what easier way to make sure you receive a massage at these particular intervals? With a massage chair! With the consistency of massage chair programs, users can develop a massage routine that is personalized to their own needs and reliably sit back and relax at their own leisure. Vancouverites should explore the vast possibilities for relaxation and restoration massage available in massage chairs.