Can Massage Therapy Help Improve Your Posture?

Can Massage Therapy Help Improve Your Posture?

Most of us know that our posture could use some improving. The hours we spend sitting at desks, looking at computers and straining our necks reading on wireless devices has started taking its toll on our posture. Some experts suggest that when it comes to neck and back pain, poor posture is the number one culprit.

Developing poor posture subtly puts your spine in misalignment, causing some muscles to work extraordinarily hard while other muscles which are not being used get increasingly weaker. Being hunched over also has consequences for other physiological mechanisms. Poor posture can cause you to exert undue pressure on your internal organs, negatively affecting processes like digestion, circulation and breathing.

Poor posture is without a doubt one of the most difficult bad habits to fix. Massage therapy is one of the most useful tools available to help correct poor posture before it gets worse! The relaxing psychosomatic effects of massage allow the body to reinforce health and natural movements as well as loosen and restore sore muscles developed due to bad posture.

One of the most popular benefits of massage therapy is the way it combines relaxation and intensity to give your body the relief it needs to realign and resume its natural, pain-free posture.

Consistent massage can loosen and relax joints, release pressure in acupressure zones and produce an overall sensation of restoration.

Ongoing massage is most available if you decide to purchase a massage chair and commit to consistent, daily use in the way that feels most beneficial. Without leaving the comfort of your own home, you can actively improve posture by setting your body in complete alignment for 20-30 minutes a day for therapeutic release of tensions stored in the joints and muscles. In doing this, you are actively taking steps to improve your posture which will leads to relief for pressure point loosened muscles and greater freedom in the joints, giving you more fluid movement and reducing chronic pain. The secret is consistency.


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Poor posture is not going to be solved overnight, it requires attention and care throughout the day. Taking the steps to improving your posture may include integrating a regular massage chair program into your daily life. You won’t believe what is possible with massage chair technology until you see for yourself. Come into a Youneed location and see what works for you!