AI voice command Youneed Brighton Premium YN-819

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Striking the perfect balance between comfort and intensity, the AI Brighton Premium chair uses body-shape detection and full body air pressure massage to target problematic areas accumulated through stress and activity. With revolutionary body-shape detection technology, the Brighton Premium’s arm, shoulder, leg and foot air bags form to the specific shape of your body, giving you a personalized relaxation experience. Equipped with five automatic programs, the Brighton Premium combines shiatsu, tapping, knocking and kneading massage techniques in calculated rhythms that naturally soothe a tired back with delightfully surprising precision and strength. In addition to heating and stretch mode, the Brighton Premium integrates smooth foot rollers to deliver a deep, invigorating massage from head to toe. The advanced AI voice command feature allows the user to massage with ease.

  • L shaped massage track
  • Intense foot rollers
  • Body detection technology
  • Shiatsu, tapping, knocking, kneading, dual
  • Full body air pressure massage
  • Adjustable area, strength, time, speed, width
  • Back stretch mode
  • 5 Automatic massage programs
  • 5 Manual massage programs
  • Heating function
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • AI voice control
  • Air purify
  • Short cut buttons on armrest



Relax from head to toe with the Brighton Premium's L shaped massage track! Unlike the traditional S shaped massage track, the Brighton Premium's massage rollers travel from the back of the head down to the glutes for an intense yet enjoyable full body massage. Each session starts with a body scanning which detects the position of your shoulders for a more tailored massage experience. The rollers then carry out different routines and massage acupuncture points to relieve fatique. 


The vigorous foot massage rollers rotate clockwise and counterclockwise along reflexology zones, producing the effects of acupressure massage for sore feet.  Combining the humanistic grabbing and stroking motion along the feet, the Brighton Premium alleviates tired legs with precision and care. Altogether, the Brighton Premium guarantees total body relaxation.


Before starting a massage program, the Brighton Premium initializes body detection technology to tailor the massage to the contours of the user’s body. This allows the Brighton Premium to build a unique experience for every user and take care to personalize each massage program to deliver relaxation. Developed using advanced massage robotics, this chair adapts to the human body through body shape detection using an initial body scan to locate the dimensions of the user’s shoulders, arms, hips and calves and customizes the massage program with precise attention to these details. This feature synchronizes the chair’s rollers and airbags in correspondence with the width and shape of the body to effectively bring relaxation in the neck, back and shoulder areas.


The Brighton Premium uses sophisticated air pressure massage technology to strike a balance between deep tissue intensity and full on relaxation. Air pressure massage is a new treatment modality which uses large air bags to compress and decompress around the body, massaging the skin and muscle. This gentle, yet powerful massage style targets certain spots without over massaging, giving you the level of relief that is essential to the traditional massage experience.


With 5 automatic programs, the Brighton Premium is able to address specific massage needs, depending on the desired style of relaxation. Each mode creatively mixes shiatsu, tapping, knocking, and kneading techniques, designed to bring relief to the entire body in various ways. These 5 modes are set up with different spinal alignment positioning, with zero gravity tilting you to a nearly horizontal position, the most physiologically restorative position for human beings. 


Users may adjust the speed, width, airbag intensity, massage strength, tilt, vibration and heating functions of the massage chair. The possibilities for customizing your massage experience are endless! Manual massage techniques for the Brighton Premium include Shiatsu, tapping, knocking, kneading, and dual. Finding what works best for you is easy with the Brighton Premium’s intuitive LCD remote displaying all of these options and responding smoothly to any change you wish to make for your massage. Equipped with a heating function for the lumbar area, the Brighton uses dynamic manual options to effortlessly promote deep relaxation every time.


Sit back, relax and listen to your favourite playlist, podcast or audiobook as the Lumi erases the tiredness accumulated throughout the day. This chair is designed with Bluetooth connection for Apple and Android systems.


Brighton Premium comes with the most advanced technology including AI voice command. Operate the massage chair simply by saying the commands, saving you time and energy!


Enjoy your massage and immerse yourself with clean air.


Brighton Premium has shortcut buttons on the armrest, so you can operate the massage chair within reach.


The Brighton Premium is both simple and sophisticated with its sharp and classy exterior. Made with synthetic leather, the chair’s smooth, strong lines encase its luxurious cushiony interior, giving the creative appeal of bold angles while appearing inviting with soft cushions. This chair has enduring stylistic and functional quality and will fit in any home setting. Unlike most massage chairs, the Brighton Premium features a compact design, perfect for condos, apartments or any home where space is limited.


The Brighton Premium’s easy to use system operates with a LCD screen remote which presents the time, the location of rollers or massage area, the technique being utilized, airbag strength and massage strength. All of these settings are manually adjustable using the remote control, allowing you to personalize your massage by selecting the width, heat, speed, roller position and time of the massage. View the image on screen depict the exact details of the massage, particularly which part of your body the rollers are working on, and watch the direction and style of the rollers identified with clear symbols. 



YN-819 Brighton Premium
Intensity Level 7.5/10
Automatic Features 5
Manual Massage Modes 5
Manual Massage Techniques Shiatsu, tapping, knocking, kneading, dual
Targeted Massage Full, partial, spot
Roller Width Wide, medium, narrow
Massage Speed 3 levels
Lower Body Massage Air compression + foot roller
Air Compression Massage Shoulder, arm, calf, foot
Air Compression Level 3 levels
Stretch Mode Yes
Languages English
Bluetooth Connection Yes
Massage Track Length 42"
Massage Track Type L-Track
Body Detection Yes
Zero-Gravity Recline Yes
Legrest Extension Manual
Calf Kneading No
Foot Rollers Yes
Heating Back
Upright Dimensions 53"L x 31"W x 42"H
Reclined Dimensions 65"L x 31"W x 37"H
Product Weight 350lbs.
Voltage 110V
Power Consumption 120W
Shipping 1 Box


3 Year Platinum Warranty:

3 Year on Mechanical Parts & 3 Year on Metal Structural Framework

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