State of the Art 4D Zero Gravity Massage Youneed Lumi YN-5865

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You won’t believe it until you try it! Lay back and experience 4D full body air pressure massage at zero gravity and you will never go back to traditional massage. The Lumi simulates the rejuvenating experience of professional massage by incorporating diversifiable 4D massage modes that extend the body outward, stretch out muscles, and massage you from head to toe. With incredible precision and carefully calculated rhythms, the Lumi offers 12 automatic massage programs that can activate, energize, relax, enhance, relieve and restore the entire body while the chair itself hardly makes a sound. Calf kneading, shiatsu sole massage and extended L-track body massage will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed. No chair can compare to the level of luxury and complete relief that the Lumi delivers. Try it for yourself and be amazed.

  • Extended L-track design
  • 4D massage
  • Zero gravity positioning
  • 12 automatic modes
  • Full body air pressure massage
  • 6 manual massage techniques
  • Whole, partial, point massage
  • Intense shiatsu foot rollers
  • Heat function
  • Chinese and English LCD remote
  • Bluetooth audio


The Lumi operates using a super long L-shape massage track designed to naturally travel from the head to under the thighs, massaging you from head to glutes. The L-track goes beyond simply massaging the back to extend into the full seat of the chair, giving you total body relaxation at the click of a button! With full extension, the L-track integrates six massage techniques tuned to calculated calming rhythms up and down your entire spine. Unlike conventional “S” curved massage chair tracks, the Lumi L-track design delivers 55% more body area coverage, promising a more complete restorative experience.


Simulating the experience of lying in a space capsule, the Lumi places you at zero gravity, a position described by NASA as the most ergonomically-correct position for human beings. Lying at zero gravity creates the feeling of weightless and places the back in full contact with the chair’s backrest to allow the full force of the chair massage routine to take effect. You won’t believe the difference zero gravity makes in creating the most restful, invigorating massage experience possible!


4D massage sets the Lumi apart from most conventional massage chairs. 4D massage rollers push the body outwards to a maximum of 8cm, intensifying the massage and more carefully press into back muscles. Mimicking the hands of a trained massage professional, diversifiable 4D massage modes incorporate knocking, tapping, kneading, and shiatsu massage techniques with precision. Users may adjust the force of 4D massage between 1-5 grades to achieve the level of intensity desired. 4D massage modes include deep shiatsu which focuses on the deep shiatsu, healthy breath and massage extend which stretches out the entire body.


In manual mode, users may choose the method of massage as well as the body part for the roller massage to address. The Lumi offers 3 options: whole, partial or fixed. Partial and fixed massage allow the user to manually adjust the position of the rollers to more accurately work on tension in a particular area or zone of soreness in the back. This feature gives users the opportunity to customize the massage as tensions change from day to day. Partial and fixed massage guarantee a personalized massage experience at the touch of a button!


You won’t believe the way this chair moves! The Lumi features 12 automatic programs available at the touch of a button. These programs work on the entire body, massaging the feet, calves, arms, waist, back, neck and head in synchronized movements. Each program is designed to achieve a particular result for the body and mind. Extension involves strong kneading and stretching motions in a Thai-like massage to effectively extend the legs and waist. The Gentle Treatment mode is specifically designed for restorative functions in the morning. The Rest & Sleep mode gradually performs a mild massage that transitions to strong kneading motions at certain points to evoke calming sensation. Working Relief mode is designed to recuperate the full body for office-workers who sit at a desk for most of the day. Neck and Shoulder mode focuses 80% of the massage on these areas in the upper body. The Waist and Spine mode aims in the lumbar vertebrae.


Our feet do so much work for us everyday and they deserve the relief of detailed, powerful massage just like every other part of the body! The Lumi energetic and precise shiatsu foot rollers will blow you away by massaging the soles of the feet with care and complexity. Your feet will thank you as the Lumi delivers diverse and restorative foot massage styles in each automatic and manual program.


Take your massage to the next level with heat application along the entire back. Sit back in the soft cushions of the chair and allow the heat to improve your circulation, warm you up after a rainy day and promote relaxation.  


The possibilities for a personalized massage are endless with the manual features available in the Lumi. This chair gives you the power to adjust the length of the massage, the massage technique being applied as well as the width, speed and strength of the rollers applied. Choose from kneading, tapping, knocking, shiatsu, sync, 4D shiatsu, percussion, and massage manual techniques, depending on what you need for that day. Users are also given the option to control the part of the body being massaged and exactly where the rollers work. The option for zero gravity and heat application give you the ability to make the massage more incredible than you can imagine!


Without sacrificing luxury for practicality, the Lumi is built with a space-saving sliding function, enabling the chair to move forward 30cm, placing you horizontally without extending beyond it’s original size. After you choose an automatic or manual program, the chair will slide forward while staying within the space it takes up in its upright position. This feature makes the Lumi perfect for tight spaces like condos or apartments where space is limited.


Sit back, relax and listen to your favourite playlist, podcast or audiobook as the Lumi erases the tiredness accumulated throughout the day. This chair is designed with Bluetooth connection for Apple and Android systems.


The Lumi's LCD display is available in both English and Chinese, is easy to operate and intuitive to understand. The remote’s LCD screen displays the speed, airbag strength, roller width and strength as well as the massage technique being employed so you can follow along effortlessly and manage the settings with ease. Remote buttons are organized to deliver the most straightforward programming experience.




YN-5865 Lumi
Intensity Level 8/10
Automatic Programs 12 automatic modes
Manual Massage Modes 6
Manual Massage Techniques Kneading, tapping, knocking, shiatsu, sync, 4D shiatsu, percussion, massage
Targeted Massage Whole, partial, point
Roller Width Wide, medium, narrow
Massage Speed 6 levels
Lower Body Massage Air compression + calf + foot
Air Compression Massage Shoulder, arm, waist, calf, foot
Air Compression Level 5 levels
Stretch Mode Yes
Languages Chinese & English
Bluetooth Connection Yes
Massage Track Length 48"
Massage Track Type L-Track
Body Detection Yes
Zero-Gravity Recline Yes
Legrest Extension Automatic
Calf Kneading Yes
Foot Rollers Yes
Heating Back, feet
Upright Dimensions 61"L x 30"W x 48"H
Reclined Dimensions 74"L x 30"W x 33"H
Product Weight 270lbs.
Voltage 100 - 120V - 60Hz
Power Consumption 180W

1 Boxes


3 Year Platinum Warranty:
3 Year on Mechanical Parts & 3 Year on Metal Structural Framework

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