Supa Mop - S600

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Hand & Foot Dehydration
  • Step down by the foot pedal or press by hand.
  • High spin dry bucket to drain quickly.
  • Suitable for all kinds of floor surface.
  • Three assemble handle with easy storage.
  • Unique fiber cloth with powerful cleaning effects.
  • Adjust angle or length as you wish.
  • Changing mop head easily with a single foot.
  • Increased bucket capacity.



- Maximum water level: Be careful not to exceed the maximum water level to avoid water comes out during spinning.
For strong wringing effect: During wringing, place the mop vertically and press down on the handle and hold the handle lightly (Do not slant the mop).

- Pedal system︳Dryness control: Using one leg to step on the pedal lightly allows you to spin the  mop dry without sweating .It could removed dirt and dust effectively. The longer you let it spin, the drier the mop gets.

- Sliding handle: Hold on to the handle gently during the spinning process to protect the hands and to prevent slipping.



 *Comes with 1 mop head