Too Cold To Cope? Increase Body Temperature With Massage!

Too Cold To Cope? Increase Body Temperature With Massage!

Those of us with a seemingly low body temperature most find ourselves cold in a room full of comfortable people. We may start shaking or shivering while waiting for the bus during the winter or get a cold simply from spending time in a highly air-conditioned area. Having an abnormally low body temperature can prevent you from doing the things you want to do, or perhaps make it difficult to enjoy being outdoors during Vancouver’s rainy months.

One of the reasons experts cite for people with low body temperature is poor circulation. Those of us who experience poor circulation can start to lose feeling in limbs or extremities without warning when exposed to cool environments. Massage is proven to improve circulation by increasing the temperature in muscular and connective tissue. Not only this, but massage can also help to increase heart rate to allow an improvement in circulation and overall blood flow around the body which creates the added benefit of circulating oxygen and nutrients throughout the body.

While most people view massage as a means to reduce muscle or joint pain and create relaxation, many forget the additional health and wellness benefits massage can provide. So how exactly does massage increase temperature naturally? With various techniques, such as creating friction, skin rolling or stimulating myofascial release, massage can bring the heat! Frictions involve applying pressure transversely along muscle fibres to help break down collagen fibres that can build up within muscles and cause restriction. By increasing temperature using frictions you can achieve greater flexibility and reduce the sensation of restriction in the muscles. The rolling style massage, a standard massage technique programed into most luxury massage chair models, helps separate fascia from muscle. Fascia is the tough, fibrous layer of connective tissues located directly beneath the skin. By separating the fascia from the muscle you can successfully decrease muscle tightness and increase blood flood by stretching the muscle.

So what are the benefits to be gained by increasing your temperature? Well the first, and most obvious, is greater comfort and feeling of calm afforded by no longer worrying about freezing and losing feeling in the extremities and enjoying life to the fullest. The most common and practical benefits include, decreased tension overall, increased range of movement, and improved posture. A decreased level of stress and renewed sense of flexibility can help you avoid stress and muscle tightness.