Using Infrared Therapy Lamps as a Wellness Tool

Using Infrared Therapy Lamps as a Wellness Tool



Those who suffer from chronic back pain know the typical suggestions for dealing with it: exercise, stretching, medication, muscle relaxants, massage therapy etc. Oftentimes, one symptoms of muscle or joint pain is accompanied by several others, such as poor circulation, stiffness, restricted mobility and muscle spasms. It doesn’t take long to get frustrated with a sore and tense back that you start to view the daily pain as inevitable. But perhaps there is one more option available for consideration.

Infrared therapy lamps use innovative wavelength technology to stimulate local circulation and provide temporary relief of muscle and joint pain. This technique, using therapeutic infrared heat to penetrate muscles and connective tissue to release tension, is favoured among wellness practitioners and acupuncturists. Experts in health and wellness see infrared heat as a useful analog to other treatment modalities and therapeutic practices.

The infrared heat therapy lamp uses a mineral plate, made of 43 elements essential to the human body to emit a special band of electromagnetic waves, (2-25 microns), which are similar to those released by the human body naturally to absorb nutrients and and minerals. Using infrared therapy for muscle and joint pain or stiffness, or minor joint pain associated with arthritis is a natural and sustainable remedy for recurring issues.


In addition, infrared heat treatment can increase circulation in the direct area where it is applied, to relax muscles and ultimately relieve the body of muscle spasms, strains or general back pain. Infrared heat penetrates much deeper than surface heating, such as electric heat, so it is better equipped to deal with persisting tensions stored within the body and aching to be addressed.

Unlike traditional attempts to soothe sore muscles, the infrared heat therapy lamp provides a consistent and comfortable release and easily accessible mode of pain alleviation. All that is required of you is full relaxation. Integrating infrared heat therapy into your health and wellness routine is relatively effortless, but the rewards can be unexpected! Experience what it is like to live your life free of restrictive pain and tightness in the body now, not later! It has never been more straight-forward to achieve full body restoration than it is with an infrared heat therapy lamp. Try it today and you won’t believe the difference heat can make.