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Stressed? Give Your Body What it Needs! (A Massage)

Stressed? Give Your Body What it Needs! (A Massage) It’s nearly impossible to find any working person who will tell you they don’t experience stress. What is less common is a realization that chronic stress can wreak havoc on your physiological and psychological health if left untreated. Key indicators of chronic stress can be anything from jaw and stomach pain, trouble sleeping to grouchiness and trouble focusing. The reasons for stress and the symptoms it develops in human beings are multitudinous. Not giving your body and mind an adequate amount of time to process information and rest is one of the easiest ways to slip into a cycle of stress and insomnia. A study conducted in 2006 by psychology professor...

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Attention Vancouver Cyclists: You Need a Massage!

Attention Vancouver Cyclists: You Need a Massage! If you live in Vancouver the chances that you’ve been on a bicycle in the past six months are considerably high. Cycling is an essential part of the Pacific Northwest’s culture, it's built into our everyday lives. In May 2016, Vancouver was recorded to have the highest percentage rate of commuters biking to work in Canada. Commuting by bicycle now constitutes 10 percent of all trips, with 41 percent of trips being made by car. We are addicted to cycling and it shows! However, all that cycling has its pros and cons. Cyclists experience improved cardiovascular health and overall fitness but also deal with the sensation of sore and tired muscles almost daily....

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Can Massage Therapy Change the Way You Sleep?

Is Massage the Key to Consistent and Restful Sleep? Nearly one third of American adults report suffering from occasional bouts of insomnia. For some, this statistic may come as a surprise but for most, either you or someone you know deals with sleeplessness on a regular basis. The reasons for insomnia are manifold, often the inability to fall and stay asleep is connected to a series of healthcare problems. However, treating insomnia as a symptom of a more complex holistic healthcare issue may open up the possibility for natural health and wellness solutions to emerge. You can identify chronic insomnia by noticing you are experiencing cycles of extreme fatigue and poor concentration, followed by adverse affects on mood and overall...

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